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Welcome to the Endurance Apparel Blog.  In this space we will chronicle our lives as a family of 5 athletes: our struggles, our successes, things to laugh about, things to ponder, and things to discuss. Collectively, our family participates and competes in marathons, triathlons, tennis, volleyball, field hockey, basketball, and baseball.  Our three kids play on 7 sports teams in any given year. Sports are truly at the core of our lives. We are not extraordinary, we are not elite, we are not perfectly sculpted. We eat carbs and crispy cream donuts.  We are an ordinary family doing what we love. 

Thank you for joining us.  There is certainly more interesting, thought provoking and funny stories to come . Join us on our journey.  Let's  CRUSH IT!

-Pam and John 

The Fam supportiing John at the 2014 Mont Tremblant Ironman race. 

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